Condominium Management

Learn more about the plans we have to offer for condominium management. We perform tasks from different areas to provide a more complete management.

Base Condominium Service

Reception of the Building

Collection and archiving of all documentation relating to the building.

Hiring Services

- Conclusion of water and electricity supply contracts on behalf of the condominium.
- Conclusion of contracts with companies, or persons, providing services to the condominium (cleaning services, maintenance, lifts, ordinance, gardening, etc.).

Financial and Accounting Services

- Application for a card from an entity assimilated to a legal person;
- Opening of bank accounts at a bank of your choice;
- Preparation of annual cash flow statements (balance sheet and budget);
- Settlement of the condominium expenses;
- Issuing and sending, by email or post, the notices of payment of the quotas;
- Issuance of receipts for the quotas;
- Control of overdue quotas and issue of notices for collection of overdue quotas;
- Presentation of budgets necessary to carry out the operations and other acts necessary for the conservation of common assets;
- Issuing and collecting receipts for the renting of common spaces (includes communication to the Tax Authority, issue of electronic receipts and declaration, at the end of the year, of the values that fall to each condominium member).

Administrative Services

- Elaboration and sending of calls and correspondence from the condominium.
- Preparation of the condominium regulations;
- Holding of ordinary meetings at night and weekends, on our premises or the premises of the building;
- Preparation and dispatch of the respective minutes;
- Verification / Execution of compulsory insurance by law;
- Meeting with the management of the condominium or with the tenants whenever necessary;
- Telephone answering extended to the weekend;
- Execution of the decisions taken at the condominium meeting;
- Processing of salaries, with payments to the Social Security and Tax Authority;
- Requests for budgets, according to the instructions of the administrator or the assembly;
- Requesting mandatory inspections of the building equipment (lifts, plumbing, etc.).

DO account handling conditions

- Three holders (3 tenants or 2 tenants and 1 company representative) on the account and the account movement should require two signatures;
- Sending the bank documentation to the company's headquarters;
- Placing the majority of the payments by bank transfer.

24h Online Condominium

Allows the condominium owners safe access to the main information and values of the condominium. This advantage is available from the company website, 24 hours a day. Each condominium member can, after being authenticated by identification and password, access their information and the general information of the condominium.

Premium Condominium Service

This plan includes all the services described in the base service and the services described below.


- Adjustment of the door compensating springs;
- Hinge lubrication.


- Check the fire extinguishers;
- Small paint touches;
- Resolution of small general anomalies.


- Replacement of lamps (only those that are cast);
- Replacement of circuit breakers (by fault);
- Repair/replacement of automatic stairs;
- Repair/replacement of emergency lights;
- Repair/replacement of switches.

Other Valences

In addition to the services we provide to our customers, we also have other services available through our partners, which will be budgeted separately according to needs, such as:

  • Cleaning services
  • Construction work
  • Insurance brokers
  • Real estate mediation
  • Technical diagnosis of fractions and/or common areas of buildings
  • Supervision and/or mediation of works
  • Drawing up of specifications for construction works

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